iCube, established 1996, focuses on providing solid and proven technology solutions to mid-size businesses in Texas and Louisiana. All of the solutions that we employ are tailored around the needs and budgets of customers.

We stand behind our solutions 100% and have the support of our established partners to assist us when solutions do not work as intended. We have never walked away from a project unfinished.

We use a layered approach with our customers when implementing and building their infrastructure.  This approach serves our customers well because it positions us to implement newer and more complex technology into the networks of our customers every year. Another advantage of this approach is minimizing yearly costs and allowing our customers to budget for items they need

iCube delivers innovative solutions to clients using our experience, knowledge and impeccable service.  We offer expertise with current technologies, as well as insight into emerging technologies. With this dual approach, we are able to move clients forward in their businesses, form strategic planning to day-to-day operations.

For over two decades our primary mission has been to help our clients achieve substantial, lasting improvements in their technology performance.

With an eye towered controlling client’s costs, we still are able to provide successful solutions that improve both system performance and security. This translates into additional capital for our clients, as well as providing them a lasting, measurable improvement in the productivity of physical and human assets.

Our analysts’ diverse skill sets and knowledge provide a uniquely broad foundation upon which solutions can be built. Working together with the client and our partners, whether for the secure and efficient extension of cutting-edge capabilities within the enterprise and/or across the firewall, we strive to deliver solutions that will work not only today, but for years to come.

And, though our delivery process is praised for consistently delivering projects on time and within budget, we still are dedicated to continuously making improvements.